Announcing…Story Changers!

November 19, 2010

Join us for “Story Changers: Love”

Welcome to the first peek at my new workshop series, Story Changers. If you’re looking to attract a deep meaningful love into your life, you’ll want to spend the next 9 weeks with “Story Changers: Love.” Got a friend you want to see in a loving relationship? Pass it on.

Free love, baby.

On its inaugural run, Story Changers is free. No cost, just a whole lot of love. We will, however, be looking at what it means to you, what it’s worth to you, and to whom or what organization you may want to donate in the name of causing this love in your life. It’s totally voluntary. And it means something to your success at finding love.

“Story Changers: Love” begins December 2, 2010 and ends February 3, 2011.

Keep your eye on Story Charmer and Twitter (@pemateeter) for details and how to register.

(If you want to register now, or have questions, email

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