Story Charming Party Strikes Again! Save the Date.

February 15, 2012

Group charm

It just keeps getting better, and it’s happening again in Portland — It’s the Story Charming Party. Wanna come?

Last month, we were giggling ourselves sideways at a story about a traveling mom’s mistaken translation of her daughter’s braces, and at the whys and wherefores of safe sex with Ethan Hawke.

Then we listened, slack jawed, to a story about getting lost in the desert, and found, by a spirit in a feathered headdress.

Please join us

…in PORTLAND (non-Portlanders, there’s a chance for you, too*) on February 24 at 6:30pm to meet, mingle, and then sit and tell stories.

It’ll be a guided experience, just to start it off. Then we’ll be off and telling, listening, and shaking our heads at the humanity we get to be witness to. It’s such a special event, and it won’t be the same without you—it really won’t.

Plan to attend?

The Story Charming Party is invitation only, due to limited seating. Click here to get on the invite list.

Have story, will travel

* If you’re NOT in Portland and you want a Story Charming Party in your neck of the woods, click here to sign up and keep updated on their locations.

I hope you’ll come. It won’t be the same without you — It really won’t.

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