Sweet Sleep, Rough Dreams + An Invitation to Wake Up with Me

February 17, 2012

Anxiety dreams in a day like sleep

Anxiety dreams. Have them? Some friends and I were comparing ours last week when I realized that THAT DAY had itself been an anxiety dream: Hurrying to get home because of a date I was already too late for, traffic on all north-south streetsĀ  backed up into the intersections, and even a tiny old lady taking two light-lengths to shuffle her walker across the road in front of me, and at one point even to stop and rest. At this pause I finally laughed, right before I got home and cried my eyes out.

When I finished crying, long, loud, sad bouts of tears that, the longer they came, the more I realized it wasn’t about the being late or missing my date or the little old lady or the traffic being impassable. It was a release of something deeper and older in me that finally had to come out, perhaps attached to the familiar anxiety. And when I was emptied of it, depleted, exhausted and salty with tears, I felt…awake. I felt my body weight, heavy under me now that the psychic weight had lifted. I felt young and old. I felt…my self, spent…and utterly awake to a new experience, as if a storm had cleared up and on the other side of it a brand new view.

You’re invited to Wake Up with me

Just like a crazy dream, the only way out of the anxiety was to wake up from it. Had I kept sleeping, I might never have made it…home, really, to my self.

Throughout March I’ll be writing on my blog about WAKING UP, shifting consciousness individually and otherwise, leveling up in this game of life we play. And I’d love your thoughts leading into it.

What comes to mind for you when you consider waking? What does waking mean to you, and in the same vein, what does SLEEPING mean to you?

Waking from winter into spring

The project will start March 1. I’ll be writing about it up to and through end-March, and would love to play with your ideas, stray thoughts, one-liners, deep beliefs, in this month-long meditation.

I’ve also got a few tricks under my pillow I’ll share closer to the start. Till then…

Think about it. Come over. Wake up with me.

P.S. You can do more than show up to wake up:

If you want a deeper part in the project, you’ll be able to join or follow along. More details to come on that. For reference, here’s what my last blog project looked like (click down there on the yellow badge). This one will have the same girl-on-a-journey thread, and hopefully the same community story circle flavor.

Memory to Light

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Talking fast, Listening slow + Waking the glow
February 19, 2013 at 3:45 pm

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anna romano February 17, 2012 at 8:13 pm

i love this pema … waking up is what it’s all about …

there is a great story shirley maclaine told about a dream she had where a monster was chasing her – on and on for miles … finally she came to a cliff with water and jagged rocks below and there was no place to go … she had to turn around and face the monster and she said “oh, monster, what are you going to do to me?” … the monster replied … “i don’t know – it’s your dream!” .

The yellow brick road has a story to tell
and a lesson that will serve us well
there’s much in store as we pursue
tin men and scarecrows, lions, too
witches and wizards that plot and scheme
all acting out parts in a dream
but really there’s no cause for alarm
Dorothy never left the farm
we’ll just wake up and be surprised
to find reality’s been so disguised!


Pema Teeter February 21, 2012 at 6:46 pm

Anna, I love these both. Thanks for giving us some images to play with and realities to slip into and out of.


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