Story Is A Journey: 365 Days of Surrender

April 20, 2012

What happens when words won’t budge? A rationed alphabet dries the tongue? What words break free don’t quench a thirst to speak?

That’s happening. But there’s something I want to tell you, about endings and beginnings. Transition. Transformation. Change.

Story is a journey. Life too.

It is the year anniversary of my grandma’s death. She was beloved. And yet her death set free constraints both unconscious and seen. Her end began many magical things, as surrender does the hero on her path.

Calculating experience 365 days since.

The end of a century. Hers.
The beginning of new legacy. Mine.

A wake.
Year long.

Word flow.
Stories swollen in a decades-long bruise,
release. Re-live. Relieve.

New love.
A new city.
New house.

And rest.
Horizon change.
New possibility.

Exploration. Excavation. Art. And how.

Story is a journey, in which surrender leads to change, the same surrender that was all the while resisted to save one’s life, and finally accepted for the same.

There are changes afoot at Story Charmer. When you write about transformation, it follows that you shouldn’t be surprised when it’s upon you, right? (She says in hindsight.)

Watch for them here in the coming days and weeks.


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In the spirit of endings and beginnings, Jan Vozenilek, Director of Photography on the Midway Project responded to the Wake Up series post in which the project was featured:

Pema, that trailer that you posted, is the REALLY old one… BUT… the crazy thing… in that old trailer is the amazing chanting, interview and voice, of Raylene, the Hawaiian elder. Well, just last week, we lost her…

In the interest of offering you both the beautiful video that features Raylene, and the new, incredibly touching and beautiful Midway trailer, both of them are posted here, and the video on the original post is updated to the new trailer.

Beautiful new MIDWAY trailer

Original Wake Up post video with Raylene, a Hawaiian Elder

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Joy April 25, 2012 at 10:26 am

Thank you for the beautiful and inspirational words, Pema. Your grandmother’s legacy live on within you, can you see her reflection within? Thank you for sharing about beginnings *and* endings…so many people skip over the endings, when there is such beauty and peace to be found in sharing each experience of them. May the transformations you experience and allow for be with ease and joy:)


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