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June 7, 2013

As a way to find myself in the writing again, I’m taking Susannah Conway’s course, Blogging from the Heart. One might argue that finding yourself in the writing is not the point, that it is navel gazing and narcissistic, that effective writing is observation outside of you. But after having tried that out, I’ll argue back. Without yourself in the writing, where is the heart?

I ghost wrote a book once. For six months my client and I talked out the characters, the motivations, the message. But I didn’t have the story till I dug deep into my life and fastened our story to mine. There was the meaning the characters needed. There was the heartbeat. It was painful. I felt not at all like a ghost, my flesh and blood wrapping around the bones of this job. But it was enlivening, too. Something outside me was animated, finding life from my skin graft.

This morning was spent in 2009, reading my blog posts from that year, hoping to remember the feeling of writing for the sake of writing, saying things for the sake of being heard. How did I forget that skill so completely? New blog home a clean slate, I’ve been looking for a way in…and so today I return to draw inspiration from the mission statement of my beloved first blog, the one I started in 2007 for the sake of practicing writing in public, Park Bench Daily:


This is what one of the edgy kids in college said one day, as our writing was read aloud in class. Some of the work was lascivious, some of it was limp. But the most interesting stuff was bare. Revealed. Unapologetic. These pages may approximate art. They will more often observe. Hopefully, they will always be naked.
These years later, sounds like naked = heart in the writing.

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Lydia June 10, 2013 at 8:49 pm

I am truly inspired by your post. I believe that the most authentic writing touches our hearts because of the writer’s willingness to bare his/her soul. Doing so, is far from easy, and being vulnerable takes courage.

I created my blog as a written expression of my journey towards a deeper understanding of myself. In my case, I find writing to be essential as I seek to uncover my true self. Self-discovery can be had with only paper and a pen. Thank you so much for sharing. Blessings, Lydia


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