Creative Recess

Welcome to my creative playground. My invitation to whimsy. My altar to the muse.

Long ago I got lost on the journey of Doing It Right. Muse got bored and said on the way out, “Call me when you’re ready for a good time.”

I’m ready for a good time.

A few years of fear…that my name tied to my business meant I had to write buttoned-up things with meaning and relevance, that I had to know what I was doing in order to be happy…eventually stopped ALL of my flow. Business burnt, efforts flagged, and all that remained was the longing to create. Creation for creation’s sake. Experiments and wordplay. Observation and engagement. Irrelevance.

I might still write stories with meaning and relevance. But on this playground, expression’s the point. Playing in color, dabbling in sounds, listing for the sake of decanting abstractions, abstracting for the sake of skating across ideas, blissing out on the nature of … well just about anything; nature’s rad.

Here we play. Come play with me.

Pema Teeter, June 2013.