Memory to Light

31 Days of Stories, August 11 – September 11, 2011

A story a day. Mined from memory. Framed by loss. For the purpose of unearthing grief, traversing it and finding the other side.

Oh how stories shape us…and when told, shape others’. Your courage is stunningly beautiful, Pema. And my story is different today because of yours. Thank you. – Ronna Detrick

I am not surprised at the fount of beauty you are producing…but in awe. Every day is a catharsis. Every day is a joy. – Meg Worden

This one could crack open the world, Pema. – Sandra DeHelen

Start Here: Memory to Light: 31 Days of Stories, Aug 11 – Sept 11, 2011
Day 2 Sweet Sixteen
Day 3 Pieces of the Whole
Day 4 The Skill in Grief
Day 5 Shared Grief
Day 6 Emptied Empire
Day 7 Quiet Is Alive Here
Day 8 This Is Really Hard
Day 9 Something Is Happening Here
Day 10 The Sound of Silence
Day 11 Patterns in Chaos
Day 12 Another Country
Day 13 Adventure and Anger
Day 14 Value
Day 15 Phenomena
Day 16 Interview, New York City, 2007
Day 17 Conversations on Fear: Interview, New York City, 2007, Pt 2
Day 18 Spiders, delinquents + hate: Life is as big as it is small
Day 19 My 9/11: Where were you? Pt 1
Day 20 My 9/11: Where were you? Pt 2
Day 21 Clowns, cocktails, suspension: My 9/11 Pt 3
Day 22 Return
Day 23 Chat at the end of the world
Day 24 Embodied: A search for healing
Day 25 Eclipse
Day 26 Wonder
Day 27 A letter to innocence: Snapshot of a beginning at the eve of an end
Day 28 Voices in Light
Day 29 Prayer Man
Day 30 One
Day 31 Sudden shift in the atmosphere
9/11/11 Setting it free
9/11/11 Memory to Light