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Inspired by Jessica Swift’s song from her 22-year-old self, I’m playing the game on her blog today.

Jessica hit on what matters: that we love to learn things about each other that we didn’t know, things that could relate us, or fill out our characters. Or I suppose send people running. But what better way to purge your party of people who don’t dig your diggability, and drain the passion from what you have to say? Your breath is a finite resource. Use it lovingly.

FYI, I am TOTALLY woo woo

I’m all astrological and alter-planey, intuitive and meditational, yogic and telepathically induced at times, slakelessly absorbent of shamanistic magicality. I love the woo, people!

My friends call me the synchronicity queen. Maybe it’s because I’m always listening and looking for answers outside myself. Curious about human behavior and patterns in nature and wanting to be one way but being so very definitely another. I listen. As a result of listening I get a lot more than I set out to get, like the strange little ear-ache that tells me someone from the other side wants to talk to me, or the dreams that show up in my waking life, ver batim weeks or years after having them…or that intuitive bell that says:

“Left. Turn left here, Pema.”
“I’m going righ–!”
“Left, Pema.”
“Errgh, grumble, pssh. Turning…oh my, wow, that’s, wow, fancy meeting you here, Answer-to-My-Prayers. You’re really giving me that job/sweeping me off my feet/introducing me to this new adventure…?”

I have my limits. Some woo is just too weird to contemplate. But maybe that’s the edge I haven’t tipped yet. And what is woo woo but the sylph-y edge of concrete and not, our own unknown. It’s that fuzzy place that resides between here and somewhere else, glimpses of which make me feel not alone…and strangely, make me feel the utmost calm about being out of control.

Who's got the woo?

What don’t people know about you?

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Give me a sign?

May 29, 2010

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