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September 13, 2010

I finish writing “chapter two.” (Not sure that’s what it is, but let’s just call it that for brevity.) My eyes are tired. My soul is tired. I go to the Spanish restaurant on the corner to sit at their old world bar, with the lifer waiters in waistcoats, and have a glass of wine. I’m staring out the window resting my eyes. And the bartender comes around between me and the window and says,

“OK, mi amor. Don’t be sad.”

He is holding a plate of potato chips.

“I’m not sad!” I smile at him. “I’m just tired.”

“OK.” He gives me the plate. “Don’t be sad.”


Go slow & Get in the way

September 8, 2010

Yawn. Creak. Pop.

Good morning, internet. I’m up I’m up I’m up!

Lilith tour was amazing. Alter Eco rocked the continent. The work I got to do for them–meeting thousands of people, offering behind-the-scenes views of Lilith, giving away crazy good chocolate and introducing people across the country to fair trade–was wildly good work indeed. Now I’m in NYC for a spell, writing writing writing. It’s time to come back to StoryCharmer. So many stories to relay, observations to share.

Ready to go

I hopped on tour ready to go, full gusto. Gotta deliver to the people! Gotta make the most of this out-the-roof opportunity to travel with the concert tour that changed a pop culture paradigm: Did you know that when the band, Heart, first hit the airwaves, radio stations would only play one song per hour by female musicians, and it was unheard of to book to female acts on one stage? Lilith swept the nation in the 90s and helped change that.

So when I got the green light, I was bouncing, assembling, strategizing, ready. And then we bounced across the country, juggling mass public interface with not enough sleep, interviews and videos with not enough time, and rabid joy with relentless wonder. It was a stimulating, life-changing 6 weeks.

Go slow and get in the way

On the trip I met Leslie, Lescake, Leslie Lovestein. The girl is beauty like the sky, all wonder and wow, and she moves through life like soft breeze, sensual, surprising sometimes and welcome everywhere she goes. From her I learned to slow down. Get in the way. Stop taking myself into consideration as if I’m in the way when I walk into a room, as if there is business being conducted there and I am an extraneous part of it. I have this age old practice of being available and on the periphery: grab me when you need me, I’ll be right over here out of the way.

But Jeezis Louizis, my job is to be in the middle of everything right now! I watched Leslie stand in a room and look around, breathe and let people pass her, join her, I watched her sit comfortably in her own skin and let the world do its thing around her. In that bustle and flow, she was a light we all bumped up against, moths on the porch.


I would see Leslie and I would slow down. Breathe. Stop, even, and take in where I was. It was a different experience to be present right there right then, than to be receding to the background making sure I go unseen, staying out of the way, letting the work go on as it needs, bla bla bla….

Stop. Breathe. Chill a minute and watch how life continues around you. Notices you. Or doesn’t.

Now I’m in New York, where it is the MOST fun to slow down. Everyone is in a hurry, so chances are I’m going to get in the way anyway. I might as well…do it with gusto. Stretch time. Go slow. And see what’s inside the hustle, see what changes in my flow, see what it feels like to be noticed, taken into consideration, reacted to, seen, related to.

[Stops. Breathes. Looks around. Sighs. Smiles.]

It feels good.