Wake Up With Me

Welcome to the month of March in meditation on Waking Up. March holds both winter and spring, marking darkness into light. Play with us, a community of writers, contributors and readers, tossing around an idea that waking up in the morning may say more about Waking Up in our lives than we realize. Inside the Waking Up series, watch for posts during the 7-day Wake Up, a 4:00 a.m. wake up call and phone discussion, beginning on the first day of spring, March 20, 2012.

2/17    Sweet Sleep, Rough Dreams + An Invitation to Wake Up with Me

3/1      The Waking Up Series

3/7      Conversation or Confrontation: Speak Your Piece, Live Your Peace

3/12    Springing Ahead, Like, Way Ahead: Quantum Wakefulness in 3 Leaps

3/13    Sleeping (and Waking) with the Cult of “Not Enough,” by Pearl Mattenson

3/14    How to Relate to A Wave, in the Ocean as in Life

3/15    Beautiful Scenery, Devastating View: The Hero* Journeys on Midway (with Jan Vozenilek)

3/16    A Lullaby to Convenience

3/17    Awakening Is A Way, by Irka Schmuck

3/18    A Time for Sleep (with art by Lisa Slavid)

3/19    Sleep, Confusion and the Sweet Fog of Twilight

3/20   Where Freedom Begins, by Daniel Collinsworth

3/21    The Case of the Accidental Love Bean: Announcing the very special “Waking Up” Story Charming Party

3/22   John of God, by Johanna Courtleigh

3/23  Awake in A Love Affair with the World, by Joy Holland

3/24  One Voice, and the Next… World Pulse Gives Access to Global Voices

3/25  John of God (Pt. 2), by Johanna Courtleigh

3/26  After All These Years, by Jim Teeter

3/27  balance :: flow, by L’Tanya Durante

3/28  The Clashes of Civilization, by Stephanie Murphy

3/29  John of God (Pt. 3), by Johanna Courtleigh

3/30  Waking Is Unfolding

3/31   Love Song For No One In Particular, by Johanna Courtleigh