What do you give?

November 16, 2010

Since I’ve come home from my long summer, there’s been a whole lot of getting used to my newer, expanded, more grown up self, back in my not-new surroundings. One of those areas is work. Do I still fit in to the same places? What do I give, these days? Right this minute, as I type that very sentence, I get a text from my uber-pal and favorite witness in my life’s travels. She sent a picture. Here, I’ll share it:

In keeping with serendipity, and knees-deep in updating my portfolio, I give you this story, of the day Mary J Blige, Heart, Metric, and Sarah McLachlan played a live soundtrack to this question as it unspooled in me: WHAT DO YOU GIVE?

Moved by music

We step out onto 7th Street, near the entrance of the club Prince made famous in “Purple Rain” and where punk made its mark in Minneapolis. Painted black and covered with big silver stars, we slog past it across the street to the Target Center and even this early in the morning, I can feel pop culture history crackle in the intersection.

On the menu: Tired. Chaos too. Things are not where they’re supposed to be and stage set-up is already cramped for time. Tension high, moods ugly. There’s no coffee yet. It’s too early for this rush.

But then something happens.

Read the rest: “What do you give? Diary of a day on the road with Lilith,” posted originally on ALTER ECO TRAVELS.

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