Quiet Is Alive Here – Memory to Light, Day 7

August 17, 2011

Trees, sunlight, land
birds, so many birds
buzzing things with wings
Quiet is alive here

Different than a quiet room
with quiet walls
and emptiness
Here emptiness is full

Full of humming, full of life
all in praise
of stillness
Like the elements

shaking with wind
are snickering:
Even stillness
isn’t still

Even death is not death alone
everything is living
all around
life clamors in

sound of voices

populate even grief
to make the pain
and to save us from it


Photo credit: “Memory Oak” – Pema Teeter

Poem credit: “Quiet Is Alive Here” – Pema Teeter, inspired by the loving support of Gina Diaz and Lisa Slavid

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Thanks for reading Day 7 of “Memory to Light: 31 Days of Stories, August 11 – September 11, 2011.” It is an exercise in writing about loss, for the purpose of letting grief wake, live, and pass through the system. Grief is transformation. Story is transformation. Our world could use a some wakeful transformation right now. Take a peek at the introductory post for the full story of what we’re up to.

P.S. Today, a week in, I am steeped in this experience of letting grief be seen. People who go on food fasts describe the sensations I am having. The first days are difficult, hungry, challenging, exposing of emotional crutches, pains, indulgences. As the days continue come freedom, lightness, a humming, a clarity. Keen awareness that I am not alone, nor is my grief weighing down the world. Rather, my experience of grieving is lifting the world up. That sounds like a broad, bold claim. But it is a buzzing truth. I can feel it. There is light on the other side. Come join me.

Join me

Consider this project an online story circle. Read a story that moves you. Write your own on your blog. Link it to the comments below, so we can read your piece. If you don’t have a blog, write your story in the comments.

Let your memories live. Let small corners of your grief breathe. Let your loss be swept into the collective experience of people sharing, witnessing, and letting be.

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