John of God (Pt. 2), by Johanna Courtleigh

March 25, 2012

Spirit Hospital

“Crystal bed,” I’m told.
“Just once?” I ask. “That’s it?” I think. It’s taken a split second! I have wanted surgery. Spiritual surgery, here in this place that’s called the Spirit Hospital.

I am a bit disappointed, but I go get my Blessed Soup, and have my crystal bed treatment—twenty minutes under large, lighted crystals that are pointed at the chakras—and return to our Posada for lunch and to wait for the afternoon session. I return in the afternoon, to sit “in current”—a room that all who see John of God pass through.

We are to keep our eyes closed, our bodies uncrossed, and be in meditation and prayer until we are told we’re done. We are to hold the energy of healing, and prayers for self and others, as part of the “current” that supports the energy of John of God’s work. People who are part of the Casa instruct us in prayers in various languages over the three or so hours we are there. I have deep, quiet meditations. Our English prayer leader is a lovely woman from Ireland. Her prayers are beautiful, gentle, passionate.  Poetry.

Spiritual Surgery

Thursday.  We awaken early and are again at the Casa by 7:30. I have decided I will go before John of God again, and tell him, “I did my crystal bed. What would you like me to do now?”

I find a seat in the Assembly Room, and like yesterday, prayers and introductions go on and on. Suddenly Emma is next to me, “John of God is going to be coming out and doing surgery in front of the group! Come on!”

She leads me up to the front of the room and we stand there, waiting. I feel uncomfortable. We’re blocking other people’s view. But such is the way here. I learned, getting onto the plane in Miami. Brazilians have no trouble pushing. I have wanted to see this. We are right in front and after a bit, John of God comes out, with a line of four or five people who lean against the wall behind him.

The Man and the Entity

Now, there is John of God, the man. And John of God, “in Entity.” John of God, the man, is afraid of the sight of blood. John of God, in Entity, has done literal surgery on hundreds of thousands of people. Without antiseptic or anesthetic. No one experiences pain or infection. There is a TV screen in the Assembly Room, running a video loop, showing him doing these surgeries. Sticking his fingers in and pulling out tissue, tumors. Doing various procedures one would never see in any hospital or doctor’s office!  I dare myself to keep my eyes open and watch the whole thing.

On the wall in one of the Casa rooms is a photo of John of God, in Entity, doing surgery on himself! He had a stroke many years ago, and one of the entities took care of it for him. Through him.

Front Row View

He is now before us, “in Entity,” channeling. He appears a bit glazed, in an altered state. There are several people holding trays of instruments, a basin of water, towels, etc. Assistants to the doctor. He speaks to them, then calls the first woman forward. She is put in a primitive, bungee-cord type wheel chair. With a bit of dramatic flourish, he takes what looks to be a kitchen knife, tilts her head back, holds open her eye and begins to scrape her eyeball. He then wipes the blade on her shirt, and moves to her other eye, scraping and dipping the blade in to poke some bit out. There is no blood, just a bit of watering. She is then wheeled away.

Next he treats a man, lifting his shirt above his chest. An assistant points to an area just below the breast, and John of God takes a scalpel and makes an incision into the man’s body, about three inches across. One large tear of blood trails down his belly and onto his shoes and the floor. He clamps the incision, and then takes a needle and thread, and pushes it through the thick tissue. He ties off the stitching and the man is seated in a wheelchair and taken to the recovery room. Someone cleans the blood off the floor.

The next patient is a younger man. John of God takes a long pair of what appear to be surgical pliers and pinches a bit of cotton in them. He dips them in some solution, and pushes the pliers a good four inches into one of the man’s nostrils, and twists. He then pushes hard on the man’s belly, and pulls out the pliers. There is no blood! The man has had no observable pain reaction. He is put in a wheelchair and taken to recovery. (I saw him later, and he was fine, chatting and smiling.)

A fourth patient is put in a wheelchair and taken away. I imagine because the entity has done his surgery spiritually, and that work is now complete. There are hundreds of people in the Assembly Room, and I have had a totally unobstructed view of this. Amazing!

My Turn

All this has occurred rather quickly, and John of God is off the stage and an announcement is made in Portuguese. Emma is by my side again and tells me, “They just said that all those who want surgery are to line up.”
“Physical or spiritual?” I ask.
“Spiritual. That’s what you want, isn’t it? Get in line!”

This is not the normal protocol, but one of the Entities has offered to do surgery for all who desire it. Again, I want to experience this, and feel it for myself.  Spiritual surgery. Not physical! I don’t imagine I could really handle that…though everyone who experiences physical surgery seems to be supported by invisible anesthesia. Going into deep trance.

A long line of us push forward. I am so moved, I begin weeping as the line moves into a room and we are seated. The overflow stand. We are told the entities can perform up to nine surgeries at a time on a person, so if we want multiple surgeries, we are to put our hand over our heart. Otherwise, we are to put our hand over the area for which we wish healing. I put my hand over my heart, and am very moved.

I Pray

I pray, “Heal me,” and in my mind recount the things I want help for. Insomnia.
Heart—mitral valve prolapse and irregular beats. Family dynamics. Bone spurs in my neck. Auto-immune disease…

We are given final instructions, and the last words I hear in English are, “Good luck, and God bless you!” Like we are getting on some kind of wild, mad hatter ride.

What I haven’t mentioned in my list is TMJ. My wobbly jaw, my quirky bite. But as I sit there, I feel something going in my ear, moving through my jaw and across my face to the other side of my jaw. My jaw then relaxes without any effort on my part. I feel other subtle sensations, but this is the most powerful. When it is over, we’re told to open our eyes.

We shuffle out, and are seated by language, to be given instructions. Blessed Herbs are to be purchased at the Pharmacia and taken three times a day for the next forty days. Also for the next forty days, no alcohol, peppers, pork or sex. We are to go to our rooms for the next twenty-four hours and rest and sleep as much as possible. No reading, no computers, no writing, no chatting. We are to take a taxi back to the hotel, come back tomorrow afternoon for follow-up and blessing from the Entity, and in one week, put a cup of blessed water by the side of the bed and drink it in the morning. This will dissolve the stitches.

We are to be aware that we have had surgery, and are in a very open, vulnerable state. We are to treat ourselves as such.

Healing Begins

Emma gets my herbs for me, and puts me in a taxi. Our Posada is less than a block away. I pay the driver and am met at the gate by a woman from the hotel.

“Just had surgery?” she asks me.
I drag myself up to my room. I feel like I’ve been hit by a truck! I get myself ready for bed, and there is a soft knock at the door. The woman from the Posada offers me a bowl of Blessed Soup. Everyone is to have a bowl of Blessed Soup each morning after being with John of God. I thank her, eat my soup and crawl into bed.

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Part 2 of 3. Follow along in the Waking Up series to read what happens next in Johanna’s journey. (Read Part 1 here).

Johanna Courtleigh MA, is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Certified Hypnotherapist and HypnoFertility Therapist, and Certified Oneness Awakening Trainer through the Oneness University in India. Her work seeks to help people heal from the mistruths they’ve been taught, and to awaken a core of deeper reverence, self-love, awareness, empowerment, ease and integrity—with themselves, and in their relationships with others. She is passionate about helping create a more peaceful world, and helping her clients become happier, healthier and more “in love” as a state of Being. She is available for in-person consultations in her office near Portland, Oregon, and over the phone and via Skype.

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