Voice = Freedom

June 26, 2012

2012 San Francisco Gay Pride Parade. Over 1 million in attendance! June 24, 2012. Photos by Pema Teeter.

What does love look like?


ONE MILLION voices surging in celebration and as many heartbeats collecting in the streets. Two million hands waving in solidarity, ten million fingers reaching into the simple, sweet liberation of being seen, being heard, being loved, together in one place, on the current of a legacy of freedom-fighters begun by one voice and then another, in the clamped quiet dark of oppression, and then a collective, and an ever rising tide, till freedom sounds like life out loud, together and apart, in joys and broken hearts, and the courage not to hide, till hiding un-becomes.

It gets better, indeed.

There is freedom in the light. Person, place, purpose, regime. What’s yours? Let your voice take you there.


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