In Cake We Trust: Art Answers Prayer

September 11, 2012

We gathered in class the week after 9/11, wondering what we were doing in Fine Arts when our city had just been bombed. What use? Our teacher implored us to recognize that art is exactly what we’ll need as we and our country begin to heal.

She was right. For 11 years, we and artists everywhere have traveled the grief that day triggered, accessed it, felt it, purged it, shared it collectively, in the art we’ve made, stories we’ve told, textures we’ve weaved. Turns out that in healing ourselves of that wound, we’ve been healing each other. Art heals. Stories mend. Creating invites what’s next.

There’s a story on that plate. If you’ve eaten the cake, hug an artist, or, better, buy him or her some creating time. If you’ve been healed by expression, thank yourself for finding your voice. If you’re still locked, invite your voice by eating more of the cake: surround yourself with art, trees, encouragers who see your beauty and the stories inside you. Listen for the muse in the voices of your people. Talk till you find your way down your story’s path.

Live. Lose. Create. Consume. Build anew. Live anew…

Make your cake. Let us eat it.

Photos by Pema Teeter, taken at SFMOMA’s cafe. Art begets art begets art.

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Floyd September 11, 2012 at 1:34 pm

Just love this…Yum xo


Joy September 11, 2012 at 2:22 pm

I needed this: “Art heals. Stories mend. Creating invites what’s next”. of my favorite creative expressions is literally baking. I love to bake because I love others reactions to the delectable, delightful treats. We didn’t have an oven during the years on the boat, so baking wasn’t possible…now that we have moved off of the boat I have recently begun baking again…but I didn’t see the symbolism until I read your words here…thank you for that gift!


Dave September 11, 2012 at 2:50 pm

Be the cake.


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