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Our stories save lives, sometimes our own, often someone else’s.

World Pulse provides access for the voices of women journalists around the world. Grassroots journalists write, speak, develop community, and share stories from their villages and neighborhoods in networks around the world. They save themselves. They save each other. They grow from fear to fulfillment to self empowered to community-empowering. They are changing lives.


There are many videos on YouTube to choose from to get a flavor of World Pulse’s mission, reach, and successes. On their gorgeous website, you will find their ongoing journey in progress, in the shape of stories, events, community and offerings. Find your voice. Hear others. Help provide access to more. Visit And keep on waking.

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The 7-day Wake Up has been off the charts expansive and beautiful in its results.

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Story Charmer’s Waking Up Series is the month of March in meditation on WAKING UP. What does it mean? What growth does it spur? What wonder and challenge? GUEST POSTS and personal queries will appear here throughout the month. Read all the posts in the series here…

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Let’s wake up together.


I watched the sun come up this morning. The sky was pink, and smooth like an eggshell. It’s possible my eyes were pink too. Knowing I wouldn’t get an ounce of sleep last night, I gave in, left the lights off, and let my senses awake. And made a video for story tellers, and lovers of the night…


And I told a story about another late night, under the moon, finding unpracticed senses and in doing so, finding new meaning to a moment, to life, to story…

What is your favorite night story?

Tell it in the comments below, or tell it in a blog post and link it here. We want to hear your stories of the night.

Video 1 in text – Night is for Writers

Waking new senses

Hi Everyone. Pema Teeter here. You ever get the hiccups and hear that the way to stop hiccups is to drink, upside down, out of the opposite rim of the glass?

It works and it makes the hiccups go away. Maybe because you’re discombobulated.

So I’m coming to you now in my pajamas because I had a kind of backwards and discombobulated day. I came home from the chiropractor at 5, I’ve been working a lot and wore myself out apparently. I laid down after the chiropractor and woke up at about 10:30.

What do I do now? I’m wide awake. It’s the middle of the night.

I’ve left the lights off except for this one here. I’ve listened to the stillness. It is so quiet. The Fremont Bridge is crossing the Willamette River outside my window and I can hear the cars on it. It’s late night. It’s about 12:45 in the morning. So there are only a few cars but just enough to make me wonder who else is up at this hour.

I will often say in my writing that writing is listening. And that story is living it. And when you do something differently than you’re used to doing, you get to have a whole different sensory experience than you are used to having. And when you have a different sensory experience, your brain and your body picks up a whole new language. It’s like having a new palette on your–a new, like, set of colors on your palette, a new mixture of paints for the story that you’re painting.

If you are stuck in something that you’re writing, or that you’re trying to express, and you are getting driven crazy because you can’t get out of it, take a nap. Wake up at like 10pm, 9pm, and let yourself feel what’s around you. Let yourself feel the nighttime, and feel the air on your skin, how it’s different from what you feel in the day when you’re rushing around and when you’re not necessarily noticing the sensation on your skin.

You can actually smell the coolness of the air.

You can let your sight be muted by the darkness.

Listen to your imagination run in these new circumstances.

It’s amazing the effect that it has on the piece that you’re writing, or on unlocking the creative flow if you’re not necessarily working on anything but you are looking for inspiration.

Just turn out the lights, let the night come, and do something differently.


Video 2 in text – Sensory Deliciousness of Night: A Story


When I was in college, it was finals week and I was living in the student housing co-op. And we would have meal nights. Shared meals together. And there were a ton of people in the apartment, we had just finished eating. The tension and the energy was high because we all had to go study for finals.

And somebody, one girl, mentioned, “Hey, let’s go down to the beach, let’s go walk on the beach.” Five of us walked down the stairs, out of the bright yellow light of our apartments into the darkness. We were in Santa Barbara and the night is this rich velvet midnight blue in the night sky. We walked into the scent of eucalyptus trees that were lining the road that got so little traffic because it was a dead end. It reached the cliff that was on the ocean.

We walked down to the cliff and we were walking along the cliff and the night was so full…in its…blueness. And the moon was full, so it was bright.

You could see our profiles like we were paper dolls clipped out and someone was moving us through the night.

And we were just, kind of after a little while, we were kind of entranced by the moment. We were walking along in silence and listening to our footfalls. And, we walked along so long in this coolness after so much heat, up in the apartment, we found ourselves walking down this little separation in the cliff onto the beach. And so it was even cooler down there a little bit closer–not a little bit, a lot closer, right there on the beach.

And then all of a moment, we all just stripped and ran in the water. We’re jumping around in the waves and dunking underneath the waves, and we’re laughing and yelling, and you know, again, after a little bit, we all just fell silent to something that was bigger than us that night.

The moon, carving us out of our existence in the middle of this beautiful ocean night, muted by the silver of the moon and the blue of the sky. We were so very little of our daylight color. We were washed in blue and silver.

We were tiny on the earth that night. And we felt it.

We could just hear it in our silence with each other. And the feel of the salt air on our skin and the water. You know, we went in with a plunge and we came out with this kind of enlivened quiet.

It was really an intensely beautiful experience that we wouldn’t have had if somebody hadn’t suddenly decided, “Screw it! Let’s put off studying for finals for 20 minutes. Let’s go into the night. Let’s change up the scene for a minute.”

What that turned into was an experience that none of us will ever forget.

So, go out into the night. Or turn your lights off and let the night come into your windows. And open the window. And feel the feel. Do something differently if just for a moment, and just on purpose, to see how it changes up your sensory experiences, and how they affect what you’re writing.



Announcing…Story Changers!

November 19, 2010

Join us for “Story Changers: Love”

Welcome to the first peek at my new workshop series, Story Changers. If you’re looking to attract a deep meaningful love into your life, you’ll want to spend the next 9 weeks with “Story Changers: Love.” Got a friend you want to see in a loving relationship? Pass it on.

Free love, baby.

On its inaugural run, Story Changers is free. No cost, just a whole lot of love. We will, however, be looking at what it means to you, what it’s worth to you, and to whom or what organization you may want to donate in the name of causing this love in your life. It’s totally voluntary. And it means something to your success at finding love.

“Story Changers: Love” begins December 2, 2010 and ends February 3, 2011.

Keep your eye on Story Charmer and Twitter (@pemateeter) for details and how to register.

(If you want to register now, or have questions, email